Tutorial: Buy and use ItemsEdit

Task To make life easier for the leader of any anthill, to ease the burden of your worker ants or to improve your productivity, you can use the Item Shop.

There you can find intersting things like the "Moldy Scroll" which speeds up Unit Production times.

Interested? Click on Economy and select Itemsop. Every item you buy will unlock the next item on the list. Please note that only one item can be active at a time.

  • Open the Economy menu
  • Select the item you want
  • Click "Buy"
  • Click "Activate"
Buy Item 'Moldy Scroll'
Activate Item 'Moldy Scroll'
Reward 500 Gold
Quest 'Tutorial: Armor & Weaponry Part 1: The Armory' available
End text Note: No matter how strange the item may be - the bonus is worth it.