July 10 2011
Wiki Created and still having trouble with main page. Feel free to edit and fix the main page ;)

July 14 2011
Currently looking for more members to help make this wiki grow and planning on getting more administrators

July 16, 2011
As of July 15th World of Ants is unplayable due to some programming error. Read More
Edit: Server's back up.
Re-Edit: Server's DOWN again, this time it's a mysql error preventing a user from logging into their WoA's account.

July 22, 2011
New Item Shop has replaced Old Item Shop. Everyone has been messaged the following: "As we have closed down the old Item Shop and introduced a new one, all items you bought in the old shop have been deactivated and removed. All items were converted to their original gold value and the gold will be stored for you separately to avoid storage overflow."

July 28, 2011
Welcome the Wiki's newest Administrator named Eviltao. Stop by and tell him hi by clicking his signature:  Eviltao  Talk  Contribs  World of Ants