Advanced Combat RulesEdit

Apart from the basics, there are a few more special rules which make battle more interesting and varied.

Unit Boost Each fighting unit has got one "Favourite Opponent" who they can attack with a 50% higher attack value and defend agains with a 50% higher defense value.

Conquest with Founders If an army contains enough Founder Ants, it can conquer a colony after the total annihilation of all defending enemy units. The amount of the required Founder Ants for conquest depends on various factors which can be viewed in the Colony Conquest

Advantages through Research Each level of research above level 1 increases the accordant value of each of this colony's unit by 20%. This means if you have upgraded the attack-research of Spear Ants to level 6, these will have an "effective attack value" of 4 (Basic attack value 2 + 100% = 4).
This way, actually smaller armies can beat substantially bigger armies due to a more advanced technology level.

Advantages through Chambers Priest and Defense Troops provide general percental advantages for attack and defense. How much, is viewable in each descrption text.

Morale The home colony's Morale is the highest and most influential factor on the battle strength of your armies. All attack- and defense values are only working at the level of your home colony's Morale. In order to be able to raise taxes, the Church is very useful - it allows maintaining the Morale even with taxes.